Flooding and rescue at Lynmouth

Lynmouth in North Devon was once again battered as huge tides and stormy seas combined, inundating the picturesque village. I got there before sunrise and the water was already coming over the top of the sea wall already.

First part features waves crashing, flooding….and a rogue wave that caught me unawares and worried me enough to move. Then it kicked off as the coastguard were called to help save the only surfer who’d ventured in at high tide. A big wave Dave with his NSP longboard and helment who skipped under the police cordon, caught zero waves, broke his board, failed to get in and caused an awful lot of anxiety and cost…..

Interesting to hear what the PCSO has to say to the surfer at the end….don’t think they were bothered. They were more worried about pissing the Coastguards off.

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