Devon surfer Adam Amin proves himself among big-wave stars at Jaws

ADAM Amin has again been taking on the planet’s biggest waves.

The 20-year-old, who has been living and surfing in North Devon for the past two years while working at Surfed Out in Braunton, made headlines around the world last month.

Footage was captured of the unknown Brit riding a 50ft wave as he chased his dream of surfing Jaws in Hawaii.

He is still packing in the experiences on the island of Maui, getting as much practice as possible – which was put to the test on Friday in one of the biggest swells for years.

Adam was right in the thick of it, witnessing some incredible rides and snagging several decent ones himself.

“It was amazing to be out there,” he said. “Friday was dubbed the biggest ever paddled at Jaws. The line-up that day had a very obvious feeling of anxiousness in the air.

“It’s been incredible to be accepted in the big-wave scene here (but) I still have so much to prove to the guys.”

Look out for Adam Amin on his pink surfboard

Adam, originally from South Devon, has made his family proud with his exploits. Guy Russell, his stepfather, said: “It’s almost like he is destined to be there doing this.

“I have watched him surf since the beginning and he is good – very good. However, when he went to Maui and told me he was going to surf Jaws I was worried he might be disappointed. Not because of his surfing ability but because I feared it would be hard to break on to the scene. But in usual Adam style – just like his mum – the grit, determination and passion got him there.

“The media storm was well deserved but the real achievement in my eyes is that he has backed it up with solid surfing at Jaws, proving the first wave he took was not just luck but the beginning of what this very talented young surfer is capable of. We are immensely proud, not just because of the scale of his surfing but because he had a dream and went for it.”

Adam Amin photo glen tremble

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